May 21, 2024

[J6] LIL AIBLE PREMIUM 릴 에이블 프리미엄

[J6] LIL AIBLE PREMIUM 릴 에이블 프리미엄
Puff AI
Proposes additional puffs or time based on usage context. (Up to 3 puffs, 45 seconds max.)

Preheating AI
Provides an optimal user experience by controlling the heating temperature based on the usage environment.

Charging AI
Analyzes your typical usage and suggests charging when the battery is running low.

Three types of sticks, one device.
REAL. GRANULAR. VAPOR STICK. You can directly select the appropriate usage mode for these three types of sticks.

A premium experience at your fingertips.
One touch is all it takes to access your desired functions.

Smart control through the app.
From phone calls and messages to app notifications, you can check everything in real-time. When connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, you can instantly view calls, messages, and app notifications. Additionally, with the L'Real Enable Premium exclusive app, you can locate your device.

Convenience at its core.
It turns on instantly when you insert the dedicated stick, allowing you to use it without waiting. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to external heating technology that leaves no residue. You can use it up to three times in a row without any waiting.

Reliability that eases your worries.
The front of the device features Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, ensuring a robust premium experience without any worries.

Modern design with a sleek curved edge.
With its striking edge design and comfortable grip, it elevates your style.
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