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<About swan discount level>

Swan Family = 4% Discount(More than $200)
Swan Mania = 7% Discount(More than $500)
Swan VIP = 10% Discount (More than $900)

If you purchase from our store, all amounts will be accumulated.

Once you reach the level, simply send us an email or we will contact you for level up!

The code, you need to type in for discount is one of following name that you are in:
"Swan Family"
"Swan Mania"
"Swan VIP "


<About Bulk Order>

To purchase as a bulk, please visit our B2B website.

MOQ for all items are 10 quantities. You will see the final quote at the end of the page. 



Feel free to ask any questions.

We do give discounts for bulk orders if you want to purchase more than 5 quantities! We will give you a personal page for check out. 

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